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Time Walking

Why, in a seal sanctuary of all places, should you be time travelling? The good news is that for the first time our world has a creature with the intelligence to stop global catastrophes ~ us! The bad news is that instead of solving problems we seem to be the cause of one now looming. If we can understand what went wrong in the past we may yet be able to put our intelligence to good use and not only secure a future for seals but us as well. There's no lack of ambition here!

As you travel through Time Walk, search out the 80 hidden fossils ~ tortoises at 250 million years ago, an ichthyosaur above you at 200 million years, the Allosaurus skull (that one is not too hard to find - it's very big!), an Archaeopteryx (the first flying dinosaur) and then compare the 90 million year old remains of a mosasaur with its life sized replica. Throughout this immense amount of time our ancestors were living in the shadow of the dinosaurs . . . if those dinosaurs had been slightly better at catching those first shrew-sized mammals you would not be here reading this.

300 million years . . . in a page?

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